Buying New or Used Copiers

Buying New Copiers.
The Company. Am I completely convinced that the company I am selecting as my copier/printer supplier has the intent and the ability to execute on all the promises they have made to me? The Copier/Printer. Does the copier/printer I am choosing meet my needs, both now and in the foreseeable future?

Copy Quality.
Does the copier/printer I am selecting give me the copy quality I need? Am I convinced that I will get the same excellent copy quality for as long as I own the copier/printer?

Will the copier/printer operate with minimal interruption to my business? Service. Will I receive the quality of service I need and in a timely manner? Investment. Am I paying an acceptable price for all of the value I am receiving?

Buying Used Copiers.
Before purchasing, it is important to check the overall condition of the machine. Regarding the age of the copier best values are often obtained with a machine age of 5 to 8 years old. Parts and supplies are generally available for up to 15 years after the date of machine manufacture (do not let anybody tell you otherwise).

The FOUR primary indicators for judging the condition of a pre-owned machine are:

1. Copy Quality :
You are looking for a good copy with solid black / colors and a nice clear background. This indicates the general condition of the Drum, Fuser Rollers, Developer, and overall condition of the machine.

2. Lack of Paper Jams :
Run several copies through the various cassettes, and if applicable also the Sorter, Auto-Doc Feeder, and Duplexer unit. This checks the condition of Paper Feed Tires / Rollers, feed mechanisms, and the accompanying clutches.

3. Overall Cleanliness :
If the machine is clean inside and out there is a good chance that the machine has been recently serviced.

4. Copy Count/Mileage :
This is not always a good way to judge the machine's condition. Environment, and periodic maintenance, and general up keep also strongly come into play in determining a machine's overall condition.

Generally speaking you can use a simple formula to calculate a machines lifespan. Take the maximum factory rated monthly copy volume x 12 (months)=A, take A (Annual max. rated copy volume) x 5 (years)=L (maximum copy volume Lifespan). In this author's opinion you should seek to purchase a machine with no less than 50% of Service Life (L) remaining.

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