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Grades of Copiers
The Business Grade Copier: For most users the standard Business Grade Machine is the best choice. This is the most common grade of machine. Features and machine size will vary, they can range from a simple desktop model to a large stand alone machine. Business grade machines are generally recognized by a low cost per copy and the availability of "Full System" options. Average cost per copy is 1ยข (includes paper & toner)

Common features are R/E, ADF, and sorter. These machines are designed to produce from 1 up to 50,000 copies monthly. New purchase prices can range from $2,000 to $15,000. A Business Grade machine will give you years and hundreds of thousands of copies worth of service. This grade of machine truly represents the best overall value.

The Commercial Grade Copier: The commercial grade copier will generally include many of the full system features and produce 50 plus copies per minute. Differences that separate this type of machine verses the business grade machine are 1) monthly copy volume, 2) lower maintenance (generally required only every 100,000 copies) with service costing no more than business grade copiers, and 3) low cost per copy. The minus to this type of machine is the slightly larger size over business grade. New purchase prices can range from $25,000 to $40,000. However good used or recondition machines can be purchased for the price of a business grade machine. With low maintenance cost and low cost per copy, machines like this can become quite attractive.

Optional Features:
R/E : Reduction & Enlargement, some machines may also have a zoom lens in which the image size can be altered in 1% increments.

DF, ADF, RADF : Document Feeders automatically load the original(s) to be copied onto the copy board glass. The Document Feeder feeds only a single original at a time. The Auto Document Feeder will feed a stack of 20 to 50 originals automatically to the copy board glass for copying. The Reversing Automatic Document Feeder has basically the same function as the ADF except it has the ability to handle two sided originals. This feature will recirculate and flip over the originals allowing it to copy the second/back side of the original.

SORTER : This collating feature will allow you to make multiple copies of multiple originals, e.g., the ability to make books and manuscripts. The number of sorter bins/trays vary between 10 to 40, the most common a 20 bin sorter.

Misc. Features : Some of the other features may include Duplexing (automatic two sided copying), Image Editing, special Book Copying Mode, and multiple colors.